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November 03, 2010


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Just read this... Well, being around photography for eight years now, working for another amazing photographer prior who has been in the business for over 30 years, and my husband and I now owning our own, we have a VERY strict budget. If we want to make any money at the end of the day, we have to keep our props cost at an affordable price point while still having great quality for our clients. The thing to keep in mind with baby/children props is that you can only use the prop, so many times, without everyone seeing it. And yes, some people do want what someone else has, but at some level they don't. So the cost for a prop like these is very tricky because you have to factor it almost into the client's sale because you don't want every baby having the same thing used; trust me, they notice... That's why we have alot of the client's we have is that they don't like how other photographers in the area use the same backgrounds, poses, and props almost routinely for every subject... And most photographers stance is, "Well, it's new to them!"... BUT, it's not! Not with fb, websites, blogs, and other up-to-date technologies these days.... And for most of us out here, we would LOVE something like all of this stuff, but at some level, just don't have the budget at that price point. Especially with sites like etsy and googling where other photographers got their props for less. At some level, you have to decide who your target market is, just like any business and obviously you have done that and it works, but it's just a thought... I know you probably want to be high-end and so do we, and we are, but I can't keep my cost where I want them if I am spending too much on props and etc... :) I hope that helps with a comment that you were really wanting someone to share... ;) For an idea, I LOVE the teddy bear beannies with the ears a tad bit larger and more forward on the beannie than in the one you have... I have found a couple on etsy that I ordered and photographed with that people have made and they are too die for... I think they would sell really great with the yarn colors that change colors in them... Just an idea... Like from red, to red raspberry, to hot pink, to light pink... etc. You can see what I am talking about at Hobby Lobby in their yarn section. I went there and found yarn colors I wanted and emailed the lady on etsy and she customed made them for me! I also LOVE bright colors like the beannies with the hanging flaps and strings, pom pom ears, pom pom balls on top of them, and etc. Your backgrounds are too die for and I love the colors in them! I think you guys have some really cute ones! Just keep up the good work and keep in mind, are people willing to try and make them or find them themselves first before purchasing from us? When I first saw your things at a convention, I was speechless and turned to my husband and was like, THESE are the things I have envisioned for years now, which I had been creating myself on a smaller budget, but couldn't find anywhere else if I wanted to save the time!... So good job! :) I LOVE your things and trust me I KNOW they take time to create so everyone has a bottom dollar, but lots of people have a top dollar too.... From things you can find on etsy, I think around 20-25/ item is a fair price for beannies with ears etc. Although some even up to 30 each... I think the solid cacoon wraps without any theme to them are super cute, just like with really fluffy yarn and fun colors. And around 45 for those... I also think if you guys created a clothes line that would be fun like the Tea brand or Matilda Janes.... Back to answer part of your question, for some reason when people hear certain prices, no matter if it's five away or not, they just won't go any further because it's above their top dollar. You have a tricky job, like all of us, what are your clients bottom and top dollars?... You will just have to figure that out with your sells and time... :) I hope I didn't talk your ear off and this was helpful, as I normally NEVER post to blogs... :) Have a WONDERFUL day! :)

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